FORest feathers


Forest Feathers began as as a solo project by Camron Sackett. He released his first album Hush in 2013. After three years, the newest album LULL was released September 27, 2016

Forest Feathers have created something distinct, weaving Sigur Rós-esque feel and ambience with complex, asymmetrical guitar riffs and drums, dashes of subtle indie and pop elements imbued with a minimalist style echoing that of Philip Glass and Steve Reich all into a lush tapestry of sound that careens through space and time. "Their songs are angular but accessible, billowing with multi-instrumental grandeur and emotional candor."


Guitar, Vocals / Cam Sackett
Keyboard, Sampling / Brandon Kohler
Bass, Vocals / Andrew Harris
Drums / Nate Smeding


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You can stream full songs off our new album Lull on Spotify.

You can purchase the album through Bandcamp or Itunes.

You can stream full songs off our EP Hush on Spotify

You can purchase the album through Bandcamp or iTunes